Animal Advocate and Guardian · June 2007 to present · Forestville, California

OUR MISSION: We rescue all animals in need or harms way and many who would otherwise be killed or slaughtered. We know that all animals have the right to live and to be free. We offer sanctuary here with us and often find forever homes for those in need.

Sinkyone Animal Sanctuary has rescued hundreds of horses from slaughter all over the country. Their efforts, however are not limited to horses. The sanctuary actively rescues animals from high risk situations like Craigslist where people cruise the ads for free animals for torture videos and abuse. Often the sanctuary reaches out to the posting person to educate them as to the risks of giving animals away like this. Other times they step in to acquire the animal for proper homing. Most often the sanctuary will facilitate the forever placement of animals at risk. AT least 70 times this permanent home was Sinkyone itself. They currently facilitate over 70 rescued animals who have narrowly escaped kill shelters or slaughter. Each rescued animal requires veterinary care, food and shelter, rehabilitation and more; all of which Sinkyone Sanctuary provides. Expenses include, fencing, lumber for shelters, food, veterinary visits, hay, mucking supplies, labor and many other expenses. Dogs, cats, horses, pigs, llamas, sheep, goats and more have all found permanent refuge at Sinkyone Animal Sanctuary.